Thursday, July 6, 2017

Problem Child

Modern Dumbass cassette
and a picture Tea took at their last show

Problem Child were a fuzzy punk band from Miami
They took the band as a joke apparently
but sounded better than any joke i could tell
The first time i saw them the vocalist played in their underwear
tore up a rose
smashed a bunch of glass
and had better stage presence than anyone i had ever seen
they were being what every edgy subversive loser thinks they are
when they act stupid
only it worked

I only saw them one other time
it was their last show
to which the whole band was relieved
i think they felt a joke got taken seriously
and that made it all unfunny
and unfun
the vocalist untied my shoes during the set
and still killed it

i'm a loser for saying it
but i think they're the closest to nirvana i'm going to see
just the lack of caring about what goes on
was cool
sounded incredible too
weird guitar riffs and catchy bass
and some drums
and the yelled vocals

i didn't know what the lyrics were until i went home and read everything on their bandcamp
good shit
makes me want to write things differently

sometimes it does hurt to try

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pill Friends

Image result for pill friends

pill friends were a cool band
 i first heard of them while scrolling tumblr in 2014 or something
i can't describe them right now, if you're reading this you've probably listened to them already

i am saddened to hear of Ryan's passing
pill friends have been the soundtrack to so many different points in my life
be it laying on the floor in tears because i've been broken up with
to years later driving to my college orientation while the sun rises behind me
to shortly after dropping out and moving back home with my girlfriend

i feel obligated to describe their music to you
though it'll be lackluster
some of their songs sound "gothy" 
you decide what that means
they've got some incredible basslines
they're incredibly moody at times
sarcastic at others

i don't know i'm bummed

i'd have to say my favorite song of theirs is "samael" off of 

they've covered modest mouse and xiu xiu

i feel drained
it isn't about me

when artists we enjoy speak about their own mental health so openly it makes us feel bulletproof
because these people who struggle just like we do
are still breathing
so when those people stop breathing
especially at a young age
it puts your own mental health in perspective

i shouldn't feel so down about someone i've never met dying

ryan left behind a child 

there is a trust fund being set up through sales of pill friends records

if you haven't listened to them, please do, and if you enjoy, please buy a record

here is pill friend's bandcamp, give them a listen

Monday, April 10, 2017

It's more like an homage to you, an interview with Senza

David Norman (Zegema Beach Records, мятеж, OMSB blog extraordinaire) and Jon Riley (Youth Novel, Vampires, Coniine Records) are putting together the tribute comp of all time. It's more like an homage to you is a 28 song long Jeromes Dream tribute compilation going on tape via Zegema Beach Records and Coniine Records. The proceeds of which are going to an undecided charity (so fucking pick one up digitally and physically ya'll) 
I have the joy of premiering Senza's cover of "How Staggering is This Realization" 

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Mason who drums and does vocals for Senza

Screamotapes: "The first I had ever heard of Senza was from a facebook livestream of your set and I immediately noticed the Jeromes Dream influence, what made you want to emulate that style?"

Mason: "Well, Tim and I met at the music school back in 2013 and we immediately bonded over our love of early screamo. Our first set ever included a Jeromes Dream Cover (It's More Like A Message To You) and an Orchid cover (Weekend At The Fire Academy) as well. Ever since I first heard JD I was infatuated with everything they had released. We wanted to make something that had a similar style to bands like Jeromes Dream and Orchid, but also do something that was unique and allowed us to express ourselves. We also don't use mics, in true Jeromes Dream fashion"

Screamotapes: "That's awesome, using no PA really pushes you to go all out"

Mason: "Yeah definitely."

Screamotapes: "The Jeromes Dream sound is pretty unique, though Tipping Canoe were an influence on JD, are you afraid of being seen as an imitator?" 

Mason: "I think that while we definitely take heavy influence from bands who have come before, we also draw sounds from original music we made prior, which makes Senza unique enough to where we can draw a fine line between bands we love and are inspired by, and us. Our guitarist's favorite band is Heaven in Her Arms and Tim and I are both orchestral percussionists, so we have a lot to pull from, James, our guitarist, was also classically trained in Piano growing up"

Screamotapes: "It's really cool to see classically trained musicians playing emo, what drew you to the genre?"

Mason: "I think what really drew me to the genre was how raw it is emotionally. Sadness is one of the most powerful emotions, this music and the people who play it have such a way of expressing themselves, it's really incredible. Also, almost everyone involved in the DIY screamo scene are the sweetest people, and being a part of that has been one of the greatest parts of my life."

Screamotapes: "Well put, I can definitely attest to that, did you all elect to cover "How Staggering Is This Realization?" If not, what was your first choice?"

Mason: "Before the songs were assigned, every band was to submit their top 3 choices. We ended up not getting to cover any of what we picked (It's More Like a Message to You, I'm Reminded of a Kid Who Used to Stomp Bugs, Just Down the Hall from Room 526) mostly because there were a lot of bands attempting to be on the comp, and a lot of people wanted the popular songs more. We're actually happy we ended up with a lesser known song because it gave us the chance to showcase how good some of their other material is!"

Screamotapes: "Right on, I backed down from the comp because I was so intimidated by every great band playing, what cover have you heard that has you the most stoked for this comp?"

Mason: "I still haven't heard every one of them, but so far Massa Nera's track has me the most excited. Honestly, this whole thing is gonna be incredible, we're honored to be a part of something so big!"

Screamotapes: "I've heard Massa Nera's track, (shown in the trailer above) it's fucking good. Mark's other band Our Wits That Make Us Men are covering "Remember the Sea of Tranquility" and theirs is just as good."

Mason: "When some of the other bands dropped, I hit up my buddy Salle from Sweden and he and I did another track together. I feel pretty lucky to have been a part of two tracks on here. I don't think I've heard theirs yet! More to look forward to!"

Screamotapes: "Thanks for talking with me, glad to be premiering the track!" 

Mason: "Thank you, glad to be a part of it!" 

It's More Like an Homage to You is coming out on the 30th of May, 2017. Please pick up a physical copy either from Zegema Beach or Coniine, or any of the bands participating.
Please also consider donating on the Zegema Beach Records bandcamp.

The charity is undecided at the moment, I will post an update when things are finalized and when other bands have had their songs premiered, etc...

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Early Grace

Been feeling weird lately, attempted to post some stuff but felt dumb when i began to type
i'm moving home in a month and gearing up to finally move to philadelphia where
i'm going to start a new band
unless i pull something new out of my ass, all of the fei lung songs that will ever be written
are done
and that makes me emotional

Early Grace were a fucking solid emo/hardcore band from tampa,
yeah, i know, another florida band
i think shitty environments breed incredible music
florida fucking sucks
i found the self titled 7" at Steelworker Records a little while back
they go from sounding like broken hearts are blue to joshua fit for battle in a matter of seconds
sort of reminds me of neil perry
for the longest damn time i thought early grace was the band that became i have dreams, but i now know through numerous conversational fumbles that the predecessor to i have dreams was new ethic
and not early grace
i think i have dreams are overrated anyway (i really did try to like that band)
early grace have a 12" called "and all i run into are walls you have built" 
that features some stunning clean vocals on a song called "division"
as i listen more and more i can hear a similar sound in owltian mia
 (i should do an owltian mia post)
early grace also had a split with cave in

early grace are really fucking good and you should listen to them

i can't find a download anywhere but god do i want one, i'm gonna pester people on facebook and i'll get back to ya'll if i'm blessed with one

and all i run into are walls you have built 12"

s/t 7"

to make up of my lack of a download, here's a live video

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Colossus of Roads

on tour in winter of 2007

   Colossus of Roads were a band from San Diego, California
they were active in the late 2000's i'm pretty sure, my only basis of this is their myspace says they toured in the winter of 07'
Their play a chaotic style of emo sort of akin to Joshua Fit For Battle and Neil Perry
They only ever released 7 songs, one of which is a reworked version of an earlier demo.

My friend Connor showed me this band, he's in rehab, or jail, or something of the sort
I miss our conversations dearly, He has an OG press of the IWHACIYY 12" that he picked up when they were still active
I was too young to be into emo at the time 
dude is an index of 'obscuremo' as he calls it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes

what a sweet looking guitar
The past however many days have sucked, got a speeding ticket, owe a lot of money, like a full week of work, not getting my student loans, depression, creative slump, you know the deal
let's talk about some good ol' FLORIDA EMO to get me feeling again

I found out about Cowboys Become Folk Heroes through an article about the top 10 best screamo bands from Florida, I was expecting bullshit like A Day To Remember and was pleasantly surprised, here's a link if you're interested


Cowboys Became Folk Heroes were a band that began in 1999 in Lakeland, Florida, the only other good thing to come out of Lakeland is Publix, a chain of supermarkets that's only good for their chicken tender subs, other than that, fuck that conservative ass place, no employee discount
(i used to work there, i'd know)
they toured with Latterman and Bright Calm Blue and played shows with about every one of your favorite emo bands, they're criminally underrated, 
I think they also toured with Welcome The Plague Year, hugs, the fiction, and transistor transistor.
They were very young when they played and toured, 17, 18, 19.
I think reading their discography record insert made me want to play in a band and tour more than anything else. 
Nevin from Jiyuna/Autarkeia/Merkit/Plural Being/IFB Records wrote the script on the jacket. which i found out when i met him and started talking about Florida emo bands i enjoyed
Cowboys Became Folk Heroes sound great, chaos, ambience, violin, fuck
they sound like toru okada, at times they sound like iwhaciyy
they're just fucking great
they make my chest swell with better memories
perfect for long fast drives home, just don't get pulled over

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The South

The South were a band from Jacksonville (or maybe it was St. Augustine) Florida. They were active in the early 00's
They were Dead Tank Records's first release, they had a split with Hypatia that got released on Square of Opposition Records
I get stoked on emo when it's from Florida, they play a really neat style of emo.
Really harsh dual vocals, really sick, political stuff, kind of metallic but i'm also just a moron and probably doing a disservice to metal by saying that. 
The coolest thing about the south is how fun they are
"Well guess what you motherfuckers... i love destruction, i self destruct" 
I wish i had pictures or video of them playing but with a name like "the south" i'm sure you can imagine how difficult it is to find anything.
I don't know where or when I first heard them all I know is they're fucking cool and you should listen.

"We spend more time reading record inserts than we spend living our lives" - The South

Sick Pits Bro Sesh 7"  Dead Tank Records

Chomp Chomp Chomp 12" Dead Tank Records

Hypatia/The South split 12" Square of Opposition Records